Back Squat Videos

Frank with 80 Kg back squat.

Nathan back squats 190 Kg. That is over 2 times his bodyweight.

Charles back squats 175 Kgs at St. Thomas Strength Athletics.

Nathan back squats 170 Kgs x 2 by Daniel Paré.

Kennadi back squats at St. Thomas Strength Athletics by Daniel Paré.

Frank’s new P.B back squat 80 Kgs x 3 at STSA.

Frank does one leg squats by Daniel Paré

Strength and conditioning coach Daniel Paré does back squats with 135 Kgs x 2 in training at STSA.

Steven squats 20 kgs x 5 at STSA.

Frank back squats 90 kgs x 2 at STSA.

Derek back squats at STSA.

Frank back squats 75kg x 5 by Daniel Paré (Frank did 5 x 5)

Justin back squat 45.5 kgs/100 lbs in training at STSA (that is a little over his body weight for 3 reps)

Johann back squats 180 kg for 3 reps.

Nathan does back squats with 160 Kgs for 3 reps (this is doubled his bodyweight).

A young athlete squatting.

Corbin squats 130 kg x 5, that is beyond his bodyweight.

Frank does 95 kgs back squat.